The fundamentals of integrated data modeling

How Pyramid’s unified approach makes modeling for everyone

When it comes to data modeling, not all analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms are the same. Some only include token modeling capabilities. Others require you to purchase standalone data wrangling and ETL tools, which are often expensive and difficult to learn.

Some of the most successful ABI initiatives are ones where data modeling is directly integrated into the full analytics workflow. This reduces points of failure along the analytics continuum. For those seeking an ABI platform with point-and-click modeling capabilities that are directly integrated with other analytics functions (data discovery and dashboards), Pyramid’s worth a closer look.

Join us for The Fundamentals of Data Modeling with Pyramid Analytics’ Director of Customer Success Bill Balnave.

In this 50-minute session, you’ll see and hear Bill:

  • Demonstrate how non-technical users can easily prepare data for analytics use
  • Show how Pyramid’s Model module can be used to clean and enrich data
  • Discuss how existing data can be augmented with deep Machine Learning capability