The 5 Secrets to Complete SAP Data Integration

Unlocking SAP with Real Self-Service Analytics

Searching for a better way to run analytics on SAP? Let’s face it, many organizations fail to uncover the true value of their SAP data—SAP BW, SAP HANA, and more. How can you make all that data available—and actionable—for the right users at your organization? Is it possible to provide an environment where your SAP data can sing—without specialized training, additional heavy investments in software and hardware, and without risking data accuracy or security?

Yep. 😎

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll look at the five key aspects of a successful analytics strategy that unlocks the full potential of your organization’s SAP data.  We’ll examine how the right type of data intelligence platform can significantly increase the functional value of your enterprise data.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this 50-minute webinar:

  • See how Pyramid provides “real self-service” on SAP BW or HANA, delivering the fastest querying solution (using SQL) while still exposing all the deep analytic logic and functionality of SAP
  • Show how quickly the average analytics user can take raw SAP data and turn it into actionable insights
  • How to perform analytics on SAP, without extracting or duplicating data into Excel or another visualization tool, while retaining all the crucial business logic and calculations
  • How to easily combine SAP data with non-SAP data, without going through all the hoops of a typical integration, or an expensive ETL tool.
  • How to run analytics for both cloud and on-premises data–not just one or the other.