SAP Data to Insights in 20 minutes

Global events have heightened the urgent need for mature analytics capabilities within any type of business. It’s imperative that business users react quickly to changing business conditions. This has also driven an urgent need to accelerate analytics adoption across the organization to all types of users, not just those comfortable working the data.

Often, despite making big investments in SAP data and analytics, the return for many aspiring data-driven organizations remains low. The win they are seeking is Digital Transformation: using data to drive decisions and create new value across the whole organization. For many, it is an elusive pursuit.

How do you create the environment for a data culture to thrive, where business insights can be revealed in minutes, without specialized training, additional heavy investments in software and hardware, and without risking data accuracy or security?

Join Bill Balnave (Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering, Pyramid Analytics) to learn how a platform approach to analytics can help organizations with deep SAP investments significantly increase analytics adoption across the organization—and help them finally reap value from crucial Digital Transformation initiatives.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this 50-minute webinar:

  • See how Pyramid provides “real self-service” on SAP BW or HANA, delivering the fastest querying solution (using SQL) while still exposing all the deep analytic logic and functionality of SAP
  • Show how quickly the average analytics user can take raw SAP data and turn it into actionable insights
  • Explore how organization-wide Digital Transformation initiatives can be supported by simultaneously scaling classic analytics and enabling emerging use cases
  • Examine how user-appropriate capabilities and “Smart” analytics can progressively build data literacy and self-service skills among users not classically trained as statisticians or data scientists.
  • Look at how Pyramid takes an agile-but-governed approach to data access and allows flexible (but controlled) integration with other sources

Presented by:

Bill Balnave
Director of Global Solutions Engineering
Pyramid Analytics