How to get more value out of your analytics reporting

5 Critical Aspects of BI Reporting for Modern Organizations

Reporting is vital to decision-making. However, organizations often struggle to produce meaningful reports that aid in the decision-making process. Many business intelligence (BI) solutions in the marketplace today—the very tools designed to interrogate data and produce meaningful insights—are only making things worse.

Modern organizations need an analytics and BI solution that makes it easy for all types of users to produce and distribute analytics reporting throughout the organization. The key is to use a platform that has five crucial characteristics:

  1. Makes publishing professional reports a key aspect of the analytics process.
  2. Delivers depth of context in the form of narrative reporting.
  3. Lets end-users control how and when analysis is shared.
  4. Sends reports and alerts based on triggers when impactful business changes occur.
  5. Provides a wide variety of output formats

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Presented by:

Jason Picker
Senior Solution Engineer
Pyramid Analytics