Data Storytelling 101

How you can get your teams to tell better stories with data

Basic abilities to interpret and share insights from analytics are essential skills for all types of modern employees. Yet preparing employees to understand business-critical charts, dashboards, and visualizations—skills they will need to do their job successfully—can be a daunting challenge.

The problem is often perception: it’s too hard to learn those skills. Only data scientists and analytics-minded professionals can wield data so effortlessly.

What if analytics was reframed as storytelling? After all, everyone is inherently wired to understand stories. And what if reframing analytics as “data storytelling” would open up the pathways to creating users across your organization who are passionate about using data?

Join Rob Cowell (Principal Technologist, Pyramid Analytics) to learn key points of advice for turning regular business users into data experts—and perhaps skilled data storytellers in their own right.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this 45-minute webinar:

  • Define “data storytelling” and highlight its importance in modern business
  • Discuss how data-driven insights have become critical to all roles within a company and the ways in which those insights can be revealed with storytelling techniques
  • Examine how user-appropriate analytics tools can generate dashboards and visualizations that any employee can grow to understand
  • Share tips on how to prepare employees to be data literate and improve their comfort levels with analytics tools.
  • Examine how cultivating data storytellers instills a “growth mindset” within an organization, and gets everyone excited to use data and analytics in their roles.