Analytics in Action: Pairing BI and Task Management

How action-oriented applied analytics can systematically improve outcomes and efficiency

Why is meeting performance standards so hard? The data’s never good enough, and it’s exceptionally difficult to integrate real-world numbers. On top of that, new work-from-home mandates have made it that much more difficult for professionals across the decision workflow spectrum to collaborate.

Intuitively, we all know that success rests in that squishy terrain between analytics and action. However, the devil is always in the details. This is particularly key in the healthcare industry. How can you truly align the actions of front-line healthcare workers and analysts tracking compliance against common standards? And if you can do it there, you should be able to take the same lessons learned and apply them to any industry.

So, what if you paired a world-class analytics platform and a modern task management system? That’s what Tempo BI did. The result is an applied analytics environment that spurs analytics into action. It’s giving organizations a holistic view of their data, and dramatically improving outcomes.

Join us for our Analytics in Action: Pairing BI and Task Management webinar with Tempo BI CEO Glenn Kohrs, and Pyramid Analytics Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances Dave Henry. In this 50-minute session, you’ll learn how Tempo BI is combining Pyramid Analytics with a task management hub to help healthcare organizations meaningfully improve patient outcomes.

In addition to a comprehensive demonstration of the task management hub, in this 50-minute session, Glenn and Dave will cover:

  • How to collect and model data and flow it into an application that can produce actionable analytics
  • How the combination of a modern analytics platform and a modern task management system encourages data-driven decisions that drive better metrics–and ultimately outcomes
  • Why a web-based platform approach gives organizations more flexibility and control over security and compliance, especially in remote work environments

Presented by:

Glenn Kohrs
Tempo Business Intelligence

Dave Henry
SVP, Strategic Alliances
Pyramid Analytics