Get More from SAP Hana with Pyramid

May 26, 2020

Thousands of organizations rely on SAP HANA for their everyday data needs. However, many cannot access this data efficiently using their analytics front end, nor can they integrate it with other data sources to gain a complete perspective. With Pyramid, they can.

Directly query HANA databases without ingesting the content to an alternative BI engine or query HANA-calculated and analytic views with equal speed and dexterity. Or mix and match: use Hana for direct querying, as a mash-up data source, or as a remote data source using Pyramid Pulse (for hybrid analytic scenarios).

Learn why Pyramid is a great choice if you want to do more with your SAP Hana data. Pyramid Analytics CTO Avi Perez demonstrates why Pyramid is:

  • The best application to view and directly query Hana “Views” and databases—with full functionality—without ingesting the data into the internal proprietary database.
  • The superior application for creating end-user-driven data mash-ups on Hana natively, providing users with the ability to ingest from one or more other data sources, cleanse the data using a graphically based data prep tool, apply machine learning algorithms, and push the data model to Hana.
  • The only application to virtually mash up Hana views and databases on Hana without ingesting data—greatly expanding the permutations of analysis on Hana without duplication of data.
  • The fastest application that can access on-premise Hana via a cloud-hosted analytics solution via Pyramid’s Pulse Engine. Pulse is 5-10x faster than direct connections over a VPN.
  • The most complete application that provides a full user governance package for Hana, including data security down to the member level, as well as metadata management.

Presented by:

Avi Perez, CTO & Co-Founder at Pyramid Analytics

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