Quick tour of the OpenAI integrations in the Pyramid Platform

March 21, 2023

OpenAI is integrated throughout the Decision Intelligence Platform—including the data preparation, data science, business analytics, and spreadsheet modules, and the storyboard and publication designer modules.

  • In data preparation: OpenAI can be used to generate SQL, DAX, and MDX code automatically for complex data extraction queries.
  • In data science: OpenAI can be used to generate Python and R code automatically to drive machine learning logic.
  • In spreadsheets: OpenAI can be used to build spreadsheet formulas for users constructing business models.
  • In storyboarding and publications: OpenAI can be used to generate designs for content and graphics.

Separately, OpenAI can be used with existing natural language querying (NLQ) engines to drive and enhance broader insights on enterprise-specific data, ultimately improving the existing tools for delivering automated storytelling and textual analysis.

Read the press release: https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/company/news-room/pyramid-analytics-chatgpt-openai/

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