How Pyramid Analytics Can Help You RISE with SAP

November 22, 2022
January 26, 2023

Whether you’ve already embarked on RISE with SAP—or are considering RISE—Pyramid Analytics should be on your radar.

I recently spent an engaging few days in Vienna in late October, attending and speaking at the SAPinsider EMEA 2022 event. The sessions were excellent, led by a mix of experts and practitioners in end-user organizations and leading services companies that work with them. I had dozens of conversations that boiled down to several key questions: How can I get more from my company’s strategic investments in SAP? How can I integrate all my data into my analytics views? What should I do now to make my transformation to S/4HANA more successful?

They’re important questions and can seem daunting. For IT and business leaders, it boils down to a twin challenge: get value out of assets in place today while preparing for consequential digital transformation—particularly the migration of core IT infrastructure to the cloud—in the very near future. Adding fuel to the fire, there’s a particular urgency to accelerate these initiatives because of the rapid pace of market and technology changes.


RISE with SAP and Business-Transformation-as-a-Service

Here’s the good news: SAP is stepping up to help. Its RISE Program helps organizations modernize ERP to migrate to the cloud and enhance and strengthen existing investments in the SAP data estate. The RISE program bundles the applications, platforms, tools, and services to make the migration possible. It provides organizations with practical—and proven—processes to maximize the value of transformation and minimize the disruption it can cause.

With RISE, organizations are provided with frameworks and resources to efficiently guide these complex digital initiatives forward without losing day-to-day control of business processes. It’s an important program that’s putting organizations in firm control of their digital futures.

Getting analytics right during a RISE transformation can be a challenge. Organizations want to harness the latest developments in analytics yet access data that resides on older systems. Companies are also evaluating cloud data warehouses, and many current analytics tools force customers to replicate data, raising concerns about data security and timeliness.

I found that many customers are unaware that they can bridge these challenges. Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence Platform is purpose-built to provide unparalleled analytic capabilities for SAP. It is a unified, complete, and super-fast platform with flexible deployment options.

Pyramid’s PYRANA query engine allows customers to access any data across their SAP and 3rd party data stack without duplication and use it to make decisions. They can run their existing on-premises BW as they begin the RISE project and use Pyramid modern platform to upgrade their reports and dashboards—and continue to use these same reports once they move to BW/4HANA.

If you’re trying to determine how you should modernize analytics as part of your RISE program, Pyramid Analytics should factor into your consideration.

Why Pyramid Analytics should be on your RISE radar

Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence Platform and its deep bench of integration partners are helping organizations worldwide get more value from their SAP investments. Pyramid Analytics is a member of the SAP® PartnerEdge open ecosystem and is fully certified by SAP on SAP BW/4HANA, SAP HANA, and SAP Netweaver.

More than any other analytics company, Pyramid Analytics understands SAP. The platform provides broad, unified, frictionless, and integrated analytics access and capabilities; offers rich integration with the entire SAP data estate and 3rd party data with no data duplication; and provides role-based access—from the boardroom to the frontline—so that people across the organization can use data to make decisions.

For organizations that are attempting to accelerate the journey to the cloud with RISE initiatives, Pyramid can:

Modernize analytics as part of RISE transformation

Because Pyramid is a unified analytics platform, no Big Bang analytics transformation is required. Pyramid can already tap into existing SAP sources—as well as 3rd party sources—allowing you to forego complicated data integration projects that often drag cloud migration projects to a halt.

Preserve and extend investments in SAP

Pyramid is designed to operate directly on SAP. Our direct query engine (PYRANA) allows you to run analytics without moving data—dramatically increasing query performance and reducing security risks.

Realize benefits of SAP in the cloud immediately

Pyramid integrates with SAP HANA and maintains all the business logic/hierarchies while ensuring reliable, trusted master data.

Business transformation meets Decision Intelligence

What does this mean for your current or upcoming transition to RISE with SAP? If you or your clients are evaluating analytics platforms that fit within the RISE model, Pyramid can deliver an astonishing amount of functional breadth and control. Pyramid has a deep network of partner relationships to help guide integration from a business process, change management, and technology implementation perspective.

If you’re interested in learning how Pyramid Analytics can help you or your clients drive digital transformation as part of an SAP RISE project, please contact me.

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