Pyramid Analytics embarks on a company-wide #stepschallenge

Company-Wide Step Challenge: Real Life Data Analysis

In this digital age of health monitoring and step tracking, wearable devices have become the norm and many of us produce a wealth of data on a daily basis. These insights can help us make data-driven decisions, whether that means making the choice to walk a little further, take the stairs instead of the escalator, or jog in place before bed to hit your step goal. Being a company comprised of data geeks, Pyramid Analytics decided to stir up some friendly competition by introducing an internal steps challenge.

Not only are we coming off a sugar high from all the Halloween candy, the holidays are just around the corner and that means an abundance of delicious indulgences. To combat our post-Halloween sweet tooth and get a step ahead of the impending holiday feasts, Pyramid Analytics has proposed a company-wide steps challenge. During this month-long competition, individuals and teams will compete to walk, run, hop, skip, or any other form of exercise to reach the greatest number of steps by month-end. To keep our participants motivated, we are offering prizes for the top stepper and the top team.

Playing with data

What day of the week will see the highest trend of steps? Which country will clock the most daily average steps?

Though not all of our employees are experienced data analysts, fortunately Pyramid Analytics BI Office was designed to be accessible by all users and skill levels. We’ll input our collective steps data into a custom BI Office dashboard during this challenge, which will provide the opportunity to manipulate the data and find interesting trends.

We’re looking forward to taking advantage of our step counters to make data-driven decisions, share our findings, and become healthier at the same time.

Walk with us

Looking to join us in getting a step ahead of the holidays? Tweet us your progress at @PyramidAnalytic using the hashtag #stepschallenge!