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Decision Intelligence

How SAP + Decision Intelligence Can Prepare Your Organization for What’s Next

Decision intelligence on SAP can prepare organizations for “what’s next.”

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Truth or Myth? Data must be replicated and isolated for secure downstream analytics

Must data always be replicated and isolated for secure downstream analytics?

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Can a Single Analytics Platform Serve the Needs of Every Department?

A single ABI platform can work for all people and departments, despite a wide range of skills, needs, and requirements.

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AI-driven analytics: Dream or reality?

The right AI-driven capabilities will support everyday decisions and help all users gain business insights.

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Data source changes shouldn’t break your analytics

When data sources change, analytics and reporting are the first to break. Not so fast…

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12 Business Intelligence Myths That Are Holding You Back [Infographic]

Check out this infographic displaying 12 common myths about business intelligence.

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What’s the ceiling on the adoption of business intelligence?

Anyone in an organization can use decision intelligence to make better decisions with their data.

BI Trends

“Extraordinary” Performance in The BI Survey 19

The numbers are in. And we are thrilled with the results! In The BI Survey 19, the latest BI report from leading analyst firm BARC, Pyramid Analytics achieved an “extraordinary” 68 Read more…

Thought Leadership

A look into Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and AI for 2019

With 2019 approaching, albeit more than two months away, there’s already talk about what to expect in the world of business intelligence and predictive analytics – including the trending topics of artificial Read more…

Thought Leadership

What separates narrative reporting from traditional reporting?

In the good old days, it was OK if things took a little more time. Social media didn’t exist. The news came out twice daily—first in the morning paper and Read more…