Pyramid Analytics has been recognized as a Visionary [Access the Report.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-magic-quadrant-2023/)
Pyramid Analytics has been recognized as a Visionary [Access the Report.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-magic-quadrant-2023/)

Accelerating the data-driven business with collaborative BI

May 2, 2017
December 07, 2022

As more and more organizations are focused on expanding traditional business intelligence capabilities to enable more collaborative decision-making, it’s timely that Dresner Advisory Services just published the second edition of its 2017 Collective Insights® Market Study, an industry-leading global analysis of collaborative business intelligence tools.

According to the report, Dresner says collaborative BI is important across the enterprise as a way for individuals to build and share insights to develop a common understanding of data across an organization, build consensus, and ultimately make better, faster decisions. What is critical to this approach is to have the capabilities to balance self-serve analytics with centralized governance.

Here at Pyramid Analytics, enabling a governed, collaborative BI environment is our sweet spot.

As a complete analytics platform, Pyramid Analytics brings optimized collaboration to the enterprise. This collaboration, across datasets and reports, is about sharing content, context, and one source of truth. It includes reusing business logic (custom calculations and sets) to drive consistency throughout the organization. Across all functional areas and analytic workflows, Pyramid Analytics enables individuals—from power users to knowledge workers to decision makers—to make data-driven decisions together.

Dresner has validated our approach with recognition in its Collective Insights report for the second year in a row. In this year’s report, we ranked #2 out of 18 vendors, establishing that Pyramid Analytics offers some of the strongest capabilities across key capability areas, including:

  • Collaboration: Annotating, sharing, ranking, and maintaining discussion threads around content.
  • Governance: Data lineage, versioning, sign-on, defined access levels, usage tracking, and the ability to certify official data sources.
  • Data Storytelling: Author highlighting, navigational aids, user interactions, and author-defined flows.
  • Integration with Enterprise Collaboration Frameworks: Support for Yammer, Jive, and Chatter.

We believe that there is no faster or easier way to make business analytics universally available and valuable than with our enterprise business analytics platform, designed to empower everyone across the company to make smarter decisions based on trusted information. And that is the key to building a data-driven business that outsmarts competitors, succeeds with customers, and thrives in the marketplace. We invite you to join the more than one million people at hundreds of businesses around the world who are doing just that.

Download your complimentary copy of Dresner Advisory Services’ 2017 Collective Insights Market Study here.

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