2020.10 – A perfect 10


Pyramid v2020.10 (and subsequent updates, including 2020.13) is a big win for organizations looking to make trusted analytics the foundation of their enterprise data strategy. Across-the-board enhancements to the Pyramid platform let you discover more, connect more, build faster, chart the course, and go further.

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Discover more: Code-free data discovery

The journey toward a true no-code analytics environment continues. Now with a simple click, users can create custom reports that automatically resolve ragged queries and reduce unnecessary visual noise. And a readily available calendar slicer lets users display any combination of date-time data without having to configure filters.

Code-free data discovery

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Connect more: Enhanced data modeling

Time and time again we’ve seen analytics tools lead decision-makers down the wrong path to bad decisions. The problem is often rooted in a tenuous relationship with the supporting data. Pyramid v2020.10 makes the connection between data and analytics stronger than ever. We've introduced six new data sources and expanded first-class support to all SAP data sources through a native integration with Datavard’s Glue connector.

Enhanced data modeling

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Build faster: Making authoring easier for everyone

At Pyramid, we believe trust comes with familiarity. And the best way to create familiarity is to make difficult tasks easier. Present Lite is a brand new end-user interface that makes it easy for casual users to create presentations and dashboards using an intuitive, clutter-free environment. And with new flow grids and charting capabilities, users can effortlessly build multi-page dashboards.

Making authoring easier for everyone

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Chart the course: Content management and migration

Getting from point A to point B on your analytics journey shouldn’t be a struggle. The new Content Migration Wizard lets users easily copy content from one server to another. This lets administrators migrate environments with efficient processes to ensure governance and security.

Content management and migration

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Go further: Under the hood upgrades

Pyramid gets stronger with every release, and administrators will be thrilled with the under-the-hood upgrades we made. Highlights include: a complete audit log that provides deeper understanding of who is creating what and provides an audit trail that can be followed when something goes awry; a custom font manager so admins can apply your corporate fonts to dashboards and reports; and a R Machine Learning Version Manager to deploy and administer standard R libraries.

Under the hood upgrades

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You asked; we delivered

In total, Pyramid 2020.10 adds more than 150 new enterprise-grade features and capabilities to 2020 – allowing your organization to improve the way it makes data-driven decisions. As always, a significant portion of our development efforts are driven by customer feedback. So, keep the great ideas coming. We’re here for you!

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