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BI Office Tutorials Page

Your BI Office Journey starts here. The BI Office Tutorial Center is your guide to basic work flows as well as advanced functionality. Instructive videos and training resources will help you gain the most from your BI Office experience.

Better Front End for Microsoft SSAS Data

Better Front End for Microsoft SSAS Data

Presentation on the Power BI desktop integration and how Pyramid Analytics BI Office works on the Microsoft platform.

The Power of Context

The Power of Content

In this live demonstration, our product marketing team shares how dynamic text and images can add value to understanding your reports and making decisions.

Analytics Made Simple

How to add commentary and attachments during live business reviews and to any dashboard or data element for easy, email-free collaboration all within BI Office.

Analytics Made Simple - Publish to Pyramid

Analytics Made Simple
Publish to Pyramid

How to quickly and easily share your Power BI Desktop content with Publish to Pyramid where everyone can access and interact with your reports.

Data Modeling in the Enterprise

Data Modeling in the Enterprise

In this video Chris Webb and Peter Sprague discuss how to avoid an epidemic of poorly designed and scattered data models throughout an organization.

If You Think OLAP is Dead – Think Again

If You Think OLAP is Dead – Think Again

While OLAP may be out of fashion, the capabilities and benefits of the technology make sense for many data warehouse scenarios. In this video Chris Webb and Peter Sprague discuss OLAP technology and the things you need to consider.

Microsoft Collaboration Webinar

Pyramid Analytics & Microsoft Strategic Alliance Webinar

Microsoft & Pyramid Analytics announce a strategic alliance agreement. In this video Amir Netz from Microsoft and Avi Perez CTO at Pyramid Analytics, examine what the agreement represents to customers and how the two companies are leaping BI technology forward.

Achieving Enterprise BI Value – It’s About User Adoption

Enterprise BI Value – It's About User Adoption

In this video Wayne Eckerson, author of the Eckerson Group and Peter Sprague, VP of Product Marketing for Pyramid Analytics discuss the problems most organizations face with early BI efforts and specific strategies that support both the enterprise and the business.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Fort Lauderdale International Airport Case Study

This video captures how Fort Lauderdale International Airport leveraged the on-premise advanced analytics solution BI Office, and avoided making a million dollar mistake.

Volkswagen Group Ireland

Volkswagen Group Ireland Case Study

Volkswagen executives and employees breakdown how BI Office helped them “turn a light on in their organization” to streamline their systems, increase efficiency, and save money.

Voith FRS

Voith FRS Enables Employees to Quickly Use BI

Voith FRS is a division of Voith, a global engineering company with well over 40,000 employees operating across 50 countries. Implementing Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office drove data consistency and confidence, as IT and business users worked together on how data was displayed.

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