Scalable, Secure, and Robust Enterprise BI Suite

When everyone has access to self-service BI and enterprise BI, the enterprise organization is happy. The BI Office enables users to have both, side-by-side and out of the box.


Self-Service BI & Enterprise BI Together

When everyone has access to self-service BI and enterprise BI, the enterprise organization is happy. The BI Office enables users to have both, side-by-side and out of the box. With classic OLAP and tabular slicing, dicing, drill-down, ranking and sorting driven by a rich user interface and context sensitive menus that render complex analytics and the ability to upload data from Excel, the BI Office covers the whole BI experience.

Self-Service BI & Enterprise BI


Build Once and Securely Share Everywhere

When changes take place they apply to the entire platform consistently and securely. With centralized business logic all BI Office objects are seamlessly connected including charting, graphing, and data keeping the data accurate and consistent. This allows you to focus on one platform rather than multiple separate tools. Then, take advantage of the automatic report delivery system based on set scheduled or triggered events to share with the whole organization the information that is most valuable.


The Mash-Pit Wizard: Easy Data Mash-ups

One of your biggest headaches is taking data sets, modeling them, and delivering a thorough analysis for a report or presentation—super quickly. The BI Office Data Model wizard makes the process easier by enabling you to “mash-up” one or more data sources through a point-and-click, web-driven wizard. Step-by-step, the wizard will help you build a super-smart, shareable data model so that you can analyze and report it within minutes—all without a single line of code or technical knowledge.

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Data Mash-ups


Complete Scalability and Support for Big Data Sources

Our multi-tier architecture provides sophisticated load balancing and failover while providing specialized server structures to handle large, run away queries which minimize any risk of reliability for users. The BI Office also has full scale up and scale out options and can handle errors efficiently for IT. All of this means it can handle large data models and large queries from many end users.

Big Data


Security for Your Enterprise

Your data is kept secure while not limiting end user access. With content being delivered through multiple authentication models and full support of SSL, facilitating access for both internal and external users and from multiple domains, you don't have to worry about being exposed.

Enterprise Security


Reduced effort of Design and Distribution

Empower end users to easily create and distribute sophisticated analytics, dashboards or reports fast. The BI Office helps to dramatically shorten the amount of effort in deploying critical information by eliminating long extensive design and programming processes. Publication's automated distribution engine solves the challenges of delivering the reports while Data Discovery and Story Board maintain the security and content management by being hooked into Active Directory.

sophisticated analytics


No More Deployment Headaches

BI Office allows every organization to do instantaneous roll outs to the enterprise. With the web-based BI Office suite no longer do you have to worry about version upgrades or hardware compatibility. Whether in a PC, Mac or mixed environment or in a remote workforce relying on mobility and HTML5, every user gets a desktop application experience from their web browser.

web-based BI


Rich Visualization and Story Board

Bring live data into the boardroom. Storyboards can be exported for live, interactive access in PowerPoint. Feel confident that your users have the ability to present the data with eye catching visuals while maintaining the integrity, and accuracy of the data. This facilitates collaborative and informed decision making on the spot without IT needing to worry.


Interactive Analysis on the Spot

Give your users the ability to make important changes on the screen and have it all saved centrally and replicated on related reports. Displayed grids or graphs are fully interactive, offering full drill, slice and dice functionality as well as the ability to change, export or print charts, grids or GIS map formats quickly and easily.

Interactive Analysis


Centralized Business Intelligence Management

Centralized business logic, content, user and security management and enterprise administration are all built natively into the BI Office. It also can be a scheduler and distribution tool that includes failover protection and load balancing all with a common UI design across platform that supports multi-tenancy.

Business Intelligence Management

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