A New Year, A New BI Strategy: Design Your Business Analytics Roadmap with Pyramid Analytics

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A New Year, A New BI Strategy: Design Your Business Analytics Roadmap with Pyramid Analytics

As we prepare to kick off 2017, I find myself reflecting on this year and the conversations I had with both Pyramid Analytics customers and our prospects. I leave these meetings more energized than ever when I see how our customers have transformed by becoming data-driven organizations and the possibilities for prospects as they embark on their journey to find a better business analytics platform.

Fundamentally, data is at the center of everything we do, and is the key to unlocking opportunities for organizations to revolutionize their operations. As the pervasive nature of technology continues to redefine the business landscape, there is a great need for organizations to use the power of data to not only keep up, but to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Every company I talk to, large or small, regardless of industry, understands this opportunity and wants to become more data driven. And we want to help them get there.

As a first step, we are offering organizations a new resource that provides guidance on how to plan a business analytics strategy. We recommend the four key questions to ask as you are charting your roadmap and we outline the top capabilities to look for in a true enterprise platform. We also share important research from Gartner on selecting the right analytics architecture model, as well as an analysis of a recent survey where customers rate their BI experience.

You will see business transformation through data in action with Broward County, who chose our BI Office platform to help them save millions of dollars from new insights. Additinally, I share my ideas on what’s in store for business analytics in 2017. I encourage you to explore these insights and more in our newsletter.

Lastly, if you have not done so already, be sure to read the previous newsletter in our data-driven series where we show you how to break out of isolated analytics experiences to access, use and share the whole picture of your data across the business, not just disconnected fragments.

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