A Key Player Joins Our Team

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A Key Player Joins Our Team

Those who know me know that when I dream, I dream big. My vision for Pyramid Analytics is to become a mega vendor. By that, I mean to become as ubiquitous as Oracle or SAP. to achieve it, there are a lot of things we need to do to make it happen, but most important having the right people around the table.

I am very proud of the people we have working at Pyramid and equally honored to have such a strong board of directors. To become the industry leader, we need people who have been there before, someone who has helped companies become the very best in their category. I am extremely pleased Andre Boisvert has chosen to join our board.

Andre brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Pyramid Analytics. Not only has he been in leadership roles with Oracle and SAS, but also in smaller organizations instrumental in shaping our industry, such as Cognos and Pentaho, where he was the co-founder. Andre currently serves on the boards of a few different types of businesses which I believe helps round out the capabilities he brings to Pyramid.

I sat down and talked with Andre about why he chose to be part of our board. He told me the primary reason he was attracted to Pyramid is because we have a clear vision where we want to go. Additionally, unlike our competitors, we back it up with the right technological approach and architected BI Office to be an analytics platform for the enterprise market from day one.

I felt honored when Andre told me he was equally impressed by the quality and experience of our leadership team and that we have the right team to make Pyramid a recognized industry leader. Andre shared he is looking forward to leveraging his experience in support of the vision and growth of Pyramid Analytics.

Looking ahead, our conversation turned toward the future of business analytics. We both agree there is so much untapped potential in several areas, including machine learning, cognitive computing, robotic process automation (RPA), and simply the ability to process and make sense of the massive amount of data from the Internet of things. Lastly, we talked about expanding our focus, with new partnership developments and plans for a multi-partner platform.

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