BI Office opens up new avenues for data-driven insights

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BI Office opens up new avenues for data-driven insights

As we work every day with our customers to help them build and transform their businesses through data, one thing rings true: a company’s success—or failure—is based on decisions made across the organization.

Data is one of the most powerful assets a business has. Organizations are always eager for ways to easily and strategically extract smart insights from that data. At Pyramid Analytics we are just as eager to help by showing customers how an integrated, end-to-end analytics workflow can make business analytics universally valuable and readily available. This is key to making sure everyone has secure, instant access to rich analytics experiences they need to make better, faster decisions.

And now, we have taken that access one step further by unlocking new analytics opportunities for SAP customers. We just released new functionality in BI Office that, using an SAP®-certified connector, enables streamlined and governed access to all data sources in the SAP system, including SAP HANA and SAP BW.

This is critical for organizations that are struggling to meaningfully integrate SAP data in a secure, managed business intelligence environment. By optimizing SAP data sets and integrating them with information from other sources, BI Office allows organizations to make complex data simple, improve manageability, and provide a self-service analytics experience—all on a secure, on-premise platform. Furthermore, this can be done without sacrificing IT governance or administrative control, helping to bring business and IT even closer together.

This new functionality in BI Office is important to us because it not only demonstrates our commitment to the hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world that rely on SAP’s applications and essential platforms, but it allows us to offer more people across the business a unified way to connect and examine their data to find patterns, forecast and make predictions, identify new revenue opportunities, and ultimately extract the right value to make smart business decisions.

And your company’s smarter when everyone’s smarter.

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