Pyramid Analytics Receives No. 1 Ranking in Dresner 2016 BI Report

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Pyramid Analytics Receives No. 1 Ranking in Dresner 2016 BI Report

I am thrilled to announce Pyramid’s #1 ranking (out of 22 vendors) in the inaugural 2016 Collective Insights™ Market Study (Copyright 2016 – Dresner Advisory Services). Collective Insights™ is an industry-leading global analysis of collaborative business intelligence tools, based on a proprietary vendor performance measurement instrument. This study helps consumers of business intelligence technology determine vendor fit with organizational requirements.

I believe this #1 ranking establishes BI Office as offering the strongest capabilities across the following critical areas:

  • Collaboration: Annotating, sharing, ranking, and maintaining discussion threads around content.
  • Governance: Data lineage, versioning, sign-on, defined levels of access, usage tracking, and the ability to certify official data sources.
  • Data Storytelling: Author highlighting, navigational aids, user interactions, and author-defined flows.
  • Integration with Enterprise Collaboration Frameworks: Support for Yammer, Jive, and Chatter

As a complete analytics platform, balancing self-serve analytics with centralized governance, BI Office brings optimized collaboration to the enterprise. This collaboration, across datasets and reports, is more than sharing content, context, and one source of truth. It includes reusing business logic (custom calculations and sets) to drive consistency throughout the organization. Across all functional areas and analytic workflows, BI Office enables individuals—from power users to knowledge workers to decision makers—to make data-driven decisions together.

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