BI Office Just Got Better: See How BI Office Version 6 Builds Data-Driven Organizations

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BI Office Just Got Better: See How BI Office Version 6 Builds Data-Driven Organizations

Announcing the latest edition of BI Office

Pyramid Analytics is pleased to announce the latest release of BI Office, Version 6, the industry-unique analytics platform that lets organizations stake their claim as a world-class, data-driven enterprise. By providing the right data experience, to the right users, across an organization’s core self-service workflows—modeling, discovery, communication and distribution—this single, integrated analytics platform changes the game for companies ready to compete.

Recently selected by Gartner for inclusion in the Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform Report and recognized in the Market Report for Enterprise Reporting Based Platforms, BI Office is a leader for both IT provisioned and self-service analytics. Additionally, Gartner scored BI Office highly across all 5 categories of their Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence Report. In total, these reports validate that BI Office is a complete Analytics Platform that offers appropriate self-service capabilities across all workflows for all personas—while providing the governance, centralized management and scalability required by IT for true enterprise solutions.

It’s 2016: We are living in a data-driven world

In today’s enterprises, regardless of industry, data-driven decisions are king. And decision makers are everywhere—both inside and outside the organization. If the BI&A solution in your organization isn’t empowering these decision makers to view the data, ask probing questions of it, and get meaningful, actionable answers—you’ll lose valuable discoveries. Every business succeeds or fails based on decisions of the organization.

Decision makers working in isolation miss what’s beneath the surface

In a next-generation, competitive BI&A organization, it’s no longer acceptable for individual users to have self-service tools that give them complete freedom. Decision makers working in isolation produce disjointed efforts that miss the bigger picture and collective needs of your organization. Chaos, confusion and wasted time can easily reign supreme.

A balanced, analytics platform is what’s needed

Instead, for a data-driven organization, what you need in a modern enterprise decision platform is balance—where the ever-increasing volume of data is IT-enabled, workflow is user-driven, and governance drives collaboration and agility.

How BI Office Version 6 lets your users make data-driven decisions

BI Office Version 6 extends data scalability, simplicity, utility and collaboration throughout your organization—all attributes of the capabilities that support key workflows. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Scalability: Broad adoption happens when data discovery is easy and intuitive, yet also centralized and IT-enabled. You need a shared repository that treats your business rules and data models as separate, independently reusable items. A true analytics platform, BI Office is the most complete, scalable, self-service solution available today.

Simplicity: This is key to nimble decision-making. To help users make sense of large volumes of data, BI Office provides IT-predefined data models, instead of leaving users to configure the models on their own. Now they can work with the data, and make data-driven decisions, with confidence. And BI Office’s advanced analytic wizards are designed to simplify advanced analytics for everyone. That means experienced analysts, novice business users, and every user in between, can now solve critical problems.

Utility: Now all your users will have access to a large assortment of useful functions and visualizations—to display data that gets to the bottom of things. Need to generate meaningful insights from large data sets quickly? With new visualizations such as Sunburst and Tree Map, advanced filtering across multiple dimensions, and what-if analyses and one-click statistics—your users will be quickly on their way.

Collaboration: Collaboration provides the essential bigger picture that completes the frame. A data-driven organization extends far beyond the individual user. It’s about the collective—where users share content and context. They look for connections and solve crucial problems, together. With threaded conversations, content ratings, and reusable business rules and data models, BI Office simplifies sharing. Plus, the right audiences have access via enterprise-grade, role-based security.

Ready for the next step?

Migration to the new version is as simple as changing the connection to your new BI Office Version 6 installation. Try it today, or to upgrade your current installation.

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