HIMSS Webinar Shows BI Self-Service In Action - Part 1

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HIMSS Webinar Shows BI Self-Service In Action - Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar for HIMSS with Trish Redgate, BI Manager for St. Luke’s Health System and previously with Blue Cross of Idaho.

HIMSS is the Health Information and Management Systems Society, a group focused on information technology within the health care industry. HIMSS is a cause-based non-profit that provides thought leadership, professional development, and events such as this webinar.

Trish discussed how Blue Cross needed a BI system that was accessible both within the organization and to their customers that offered robust security. With role-based security and no need to deploy software to end-users, she deployed Pyramid Analytics “in about a week” with a staff of three and a fairly pristine data warehouse. Users were delighted with the analysis they could do with Pyramid Analytics, and adoption rates increased immediately.

This was followed by a demonstration of Pyramid Analytics and the data models Trish created while at Blue Cross of Idaho. She showed how she could slice, dice, drill down, and pivot to analyze data in various ways. Trish shared how tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) resulted in improved patient care, and how the functionality within Pyramid Analytics helped control costs and detect fraud.

I discussed the importance of well-organized data in the rollout of Pyramid Analytics, and how Pyramid works with customers to develop thought leadership in building their data models. I also answered questions about how our system works and interacts with other software, such as Excel, Power BI, and Microsoft SQL Server. The discussion touched on how fulfilling it is to see BI in action and how good BI changes how people work and leads to better outcomes for customers.

To see a compelling demonstration of Pyramid Analytics from a BI professional, register and view the free webinar here.

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