Editors’ Choice for Top 2015 Blog Posts from Pyramid Analytics

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Editors’ Choice for Top 2015 Blog Posts from Pyramid Analytics

2015 was a significant year at Pyramid Analytics. We continued to grow at a fast pace, formed key strategic alliances, earned industry awards for excellence, and saw our customers be recognized for best practices in business intelligence (BI).

Now it’s time to celebrate these milestones in this summary that I’m calling “the editors’ choice for top 2015 blog posts.”

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Our top five picks

Here’s what we’ve selected, along with why we’re including them in the list.

  1. Chris Webb on If You Think OLAP is Dead – Think Again Webinar. Based on the webinar, this post is courtesy of guest blogger and renowned BI industry expert Chris Webb (@Technitrain). Chris is an expert in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), MDX, and Power BI, and a long-time Microsoft BI blogger. We loved having Chris share his deep knowledge in this well-attended webinar, along with Peter Sprague (VP Solutions Engineering at Pyramid). Watch a recording (free sign-up on BrightTALK required) of the webinar for details on:
    • Centralized data models and security.
    • Data volumes and scale; OLAP vs. Big Data tools.
    • When to use multidimensional models vs. SSAS tabular models.
  2. Executive Talk with Amir Netz: Microsoft & Pyramid Alliance. We’re proud of our strategic partnership with Microsoft and are delighted with its progress. This post has a two-minute video conversation with leaders Amir Netz (Technical Fellow at Microsoft and CTO in charge of Power BI) and Omri Kohl (co-founder and CEO of Pyramid Analytics).

    In the video, the leaders highlight how the evolving collaboration to build innovative products in the market benefits customers.

  3. Making Data and Analytics Accessible to Users. There’s an ever increasing amount of data out there. And combined with Gartner predictions that BI and analytics will remain top priority for CIOs through 2017, there will be a greater need to simplify data and analytics for the everyday user. Luckily, advanced analytics continues to make its way into everyday life. Now it’s a matter of taking advantage of these advancements.

  4. Why Change Management Is Critical for Successful BI Integration. Change management is a key BI topic that’s often not given enough prioritization. Budgets often don’t account enough for change management, and sometimes it’s not included at all. This is a mistake because when change management is integrated into BI initiatives, there’s a far higher chance of BI success and adoption. Although it might be challenging to implement change at the beginning, doing so can pay off in a huge way.

  5. Key Skills of a Successful Business Intelligence Director: A Powerhouse in the Enterprise. Having a well-rounded BI owner/BI program director/BI practice director is instrumental in a BI organization. Yet it can be difficult to find well-qualified people, given the unique and comprehensive skill set that’s required. Take a look at the top skills and education required, based on research of job descriptions on LinkedIn.

    This article is part of a series that explores the role of a BI owner/BI program director/BI practice director, and will include a related infographic and survey.

A bonus post to honor the success of our customers!

Speaking of editors’ choice, last but not least, we’d like to celebrate customer success, and include another post among the top five: Memorial Healthcare Wins Prestigious ComputerWorld Award

From all of us here at Pyramid Analytics, congratulations to Memorial Healthcare Systems for winning the distinguished 2015 Data + Editors’ Choice Award! This award recognizes their achievements in using BI and analytics to deliver operational efficiency and superior patient care.

Happy New Year from all of us!

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