Finding Our Voice With Social Media in 2015

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Finding Our Voice With Social Media in 2015

Like most businesses, Pyramid Analytics understands the importance of social media and its affect on company strategy. We use social media to build and maintain relationships, promote new products and announcements, relate to our customer base, report “live” from symposiums, conferences, and special events, publish interviews and webinars, and more.

Pyramid Analytics hired me at the end of 2014 to take over the social media aspects of the company. At that time we had not done much with our social media accounts. After an initial assessment, we quickly decided to focus in on our top priorities: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. During the past year, our subscriber numbers have increased exponentially, and our engagement level went from being hardly existent to robust. Today we regularly converse with our partners, clients, and industry leaders. Social media allows us to engage, learn, and grow.

We use social media at Pyramid Analytics to:

  • Increase our brand recognition – We believe that every opportunity to syndicate our content and increase our visibility is valuable. Having a strong social media presence also improves our SEO ranking.
  • Improve our brand loyalty – We buy into the idea that companies that engage on social media channels enjoy higher loyalty from their customers. We respond to every question posed via social media and quickly respond to help troubleshoot any issues/suggestions.
  • Create more opportunities to convert - Every blog post, image, video, or comment shared is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction may lead to a site visit, and eventually a conversion. While not every interaction results in a conversion, every positive interaction increases the likelihood of an eventual conversion.
  • Increase our influence – Our social media acts as the “voice” of Pyramid Analytics. The more we engage with people via social channels, the more people will talk about us favorably, and the more valuable and trustworthy we become. We interact with major influencers on Twitter on a weekly basis, which inevitably increases our authority and reach.
  • Be recognized as leaders in our industry – We use social media to share insights, talk about trends in the industry, and share our big wins, such as our collaboration with Microsoft, our high Gartner ranking, and our newest round of funding.

How did we accomplish this?

  • We built a cross-channel strategy that puts our content into different formats, depending on the social media platform. For example, we put our photos of our new hires and events on our Facebook page to showcase our company culture, whereas on LinkedIn we primarily focus on posting trending articles in the Business Intelligence and Data-driven industries.
  • We decided to push for more content creation in addition to curating relevant content from the web. During this past year we’ve published 70+ blog posts on our web site, thereby generating new viewers and increasing page clicks.
  • We remained active on social media daily in order to keep up on relevant topics in the industry, to answer questions, promote our original content, to reach out to influencers, and to improve our relationships.
  • We created and managed media lists and monitored media coverage. We’ve had articles about Pyramid Analytics in the following media: CIO Magazine, Business Intelligence Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Seattle Times, and more.
  • We managed social media strategies & campaigns, depending on what we had coming down the pipeline.

Our 2015 Highlights from Social Media

We had some big news this year, including the following, which were Liked, Shared, and Retweeted around the Social Media Sphere. Here’s some of our most highlighted posts:

Looking Forward

We are excited to end out this year on a social media high note, and look forward to our continued expansion and relevance in the New Year! See you on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook!

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