7 Ways Pyramid Analytics Is Shaping a New Era of BI at Scale for the Enterprise

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7 Ways Pyramid Analytics Is Shaping a New Era of BI at Scale for the Enterprise

In the spirit of end-of-year reflection and New Year’s resolutions, it’s a good time to contemplate who we are, what we value, where we are, where we’re going, and what inspires us to be the best version of ourselves.

At Pyramid Analytics, it’s our ambition to be a leader in business intelligence (BI), and to shape a new era of BI at scale. As we look back, our growth in enterprise BI has been remarkable, including:

  • Thousands of new customers.
  • Hundreds of thousands of end users in production.
  • The expansion into new territories each quarter.

And the future is looking brighter than ever, as we continue to invest in strategic areas that will create even more growth and scalable BI.

Here are some ways Pyramid Analytics is putting its best foot forward and building on momentum to bring about BI innovation, maturity, and customer success:

  1. Taking market trends and demands into account when strategizing and planning. According to Gartner, BI and analytics is expected to be the #1 priority for chief information officers (CIOs) through 2017. Pyramid Analytics is definitely feeling demand from the market. Our own company’s growth reflects this trend and the overall value that companies are seeing in BI.
  2. Looking at trends from a competitive prospective. We study what customers need, and strive to go beyond other BI offerings in the industry—for example, beyond the offerings of desktop tools, which provide agility yet lack true governance.
  3. Investing heavily in a top-notch, differentiated product. We use these market and competitor trends—and gaps—as part of our strategies to offer more robust solutions for customers. We’re releasing version 6 of our BI Office Suite, with numerous capabilities for scalable BI, governed data discovery (GDD), collaboration, and other market drivers.
  4. Forming a strategic alliance with Microsoft for technology integration, co-development of Power BI Desktop, and go-to-market coordination. Here at Pyramid, we’re excited to collaborate with Microsoft on building innovative products in the market, and going together with them to customers, partners, and prospects.
  5. Increasing brand awareness. We’re getting the word out about who we are, what makes us unique, and how our collaboration with great partners like Microsoft can benefit our customers.
  6. Using the recent $30 million funds that we’ve raised to shore up our investments. Thanks to this funding, we’re able to invest even more in our sales and marketing organizations, who form the backbone of what we do.
  7. Building upon good timing. We firmly believe that we have the right product at the right time. We aren’t so young in the industry that we don’t have a deep, robust product; we’ve been investing in these areas for a while already. In fact, BI Office was architected from the very beginning to address governance—one of today’s biggest gaps, according to Gartner.

We’re excited for the future. Here’s to an invigorating 2016!

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