The BI Blog Posts You Loved in 2015

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The BI Blog Posts You Loved in 2015

For us here at Pyramid Analytics, it’s been a wonderful year of exciting ventures, partnerships, and developments.

Looking back at our blog posts this past year, our content has touched upon a wide range of categories:

Topics have included best practices for business intelligence (BI) implementations, how to increase adoption, our strategic alliance with Microsoft, and much more.

Our top four blogs posts of the year

As the year draws to a close, we’ve selected our top four posts of 2015 (ones with the most views):

  1. 10 Common Challenges of a Business Intelligence Director. The BI director has a challenging mission—yet a rewarding opportunity—to organize, influence, and lead on many fronts, including BI initiatives, diverse teams with divergent needs, and the business at large. (This post is the second in a series that explores the role of a BI leader/BI program director.)
  2. Thinking Outside the Data Box: Is There Room for Intuition in Today’s Data-Driven Decision-Making? Although it’s obviously true that data is pivotal to business decision-making, it seems remiss not to look at the role that intuition plays—to whatever degree—in helping to interpret the facts, make decisions, or to boldly go where an organization hasn’t gone before. This post explores how the combination of intuition and data can yield rich insights.
  3. Measuring the Performance of Robots and the Data Derived from Them: Part 2. By harnessing robots to improve on or automate data collection and analysis, the scope of human problem solving and decision making can be expanded, rather than replaced, in creative ways. See how. (This post is the second in a series about measuring robot performance.)
  4. Roundup of Business Intelligence Maturity Models from Key Analysts and Experts in BI. There are many maturity models out there that can help a company map the path and pace to BI success. However, implementing, using, and getting results from these models is not an exact science. This post looks at what a few of the most popular ones offer.

Some common themes among these four posts

These four blog posts provide some interesting insights:

  1. We see that industries, enterprises, and individuals are recognizing the clear—and sometimes hidden—value of BI and analytics.
  2. They’re looking for inspired choices in using BI and analytics to solve problems in previously unimaginable ways.
  3. BI professionals want to reach out the BI community for insight on what challenges others might be facing, and for other benchmarking information.
  4. BI professionals and businesses are assessing their own challenges. They want to know how they can influence and improve BI operations, or enable others to do so.

Ultimately, it’s all about BI success.

Pyramid Analytics wishes you an inspiring, insightful, and influential 2016!

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