Pyramid Analytics at PASS Summit 2015

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Pyramid Analytics at PASS Summit 2015

At the PASS Summit in Seattle October 27 – 30, Pyramid Analytics created an interactive booth where attendees were invited to summit Mount Rainier with Pyramid Analytics. The booth tied into our overall theme of, Scale Your BI with Pyramid Analytics, and gave attendees a fun opportunity to interact with us and bring home a picture worthy of sharing with others.

Go Pro competition
Pyramid Analytics Conference
PASS Summit 2015

Anyone who posted the picture with the #ScaleBI was entered to win a GoPro. Using tagboard technology, the booth also displayed pictures that were posted on social media with the hashtag, which garnered interest from passing attendees. Overall, more than 96 people stopped by to take pictures, and 37 of them shared on social media with the hashtag. Pyramid senior vice president of North American sales Rob Wallace’s picture was retweeted by REI as part of their #OptOutside campaign, which started on October 30.

PASS Summit 2015

Overall, PASS Summit was a great success and the fun interactive #ScaleBI theme garnered attention and interest.

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