Executive Talk with Amir Netz: Microsoft & Pyramid alliance

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In July, Amir Netz (Technical Fellow at Microsoft and CTO in charge of Power BI) and I announced the strategic alliance between Microsoft and Pyramid Analytics on Power BI Desktop development, technology integration, and go-to-market coordination; details are in my blog post and Amir's post.

Recently, Amir and I got together to examine the progress, customer benefits, and success of the alliance. We’re as excited as ever to give our mutual customers the best that our BI technologies offer. In this 2-minute video, we captured key thoughts on our partnership, with highlights below. (Also available is a 30-minute on-demand webinar, in which Amir and Avi Perez—CTO of Pyramid Analytics—talk more about the alliance; see Alberto’s blog post here for key webinar highlights.)

So much better than going alone!

Amir states that Microsoft learned about Pyramid Analytics from Microsoft field employees. The far-reaching potential that collaborating could bring was evident:

“Our field told us ‘We’re bringing them to customers, and they’re winning deals for us.’”

"Customer benefits of the partnership are very clear. The expertise of Pyramid Analytics in front-end tools and high-end analytics—together with Microsoft’s amazing legacy of doing BI for two decades and building this platform technology—allow us to bring this product to market that’s just so much better than going alone.”

And from Pyramid Analytics’ perspective, we are equally thrilled to collaborate on building innovative products in the market, and going together with Microsoft to customers and prospects.

By sharing our vision and roadmap with the market, we can introduce a very comprehensive, robust offering, both from the Power BI side and the Pyramid Analytics framework. With the bi-directional publishing capabilities of Power BI Desktop, users can publish content from the desktop to the on-premises server of Pyramid Analytics, and can even go back to a service in the cloud.

Partnership helps target the highest scale, largest organizations, and most users

Why the alliance with Pyramid Analytics? Amir explains part of the motivation:

“Pyramid Analytics has always been this great partner to SQL Server Analysis Services…And they built this front-end; they also built this management system that allows organizations to go and deploy large-scale, managed BI systems more than what you could just do with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The combination of SQL Server BI technologies with Pyramid Analytics provides customers with a very complete offering, where you can go to the highest-scale, largest organizations, and most users.”

We’ve joined forces in the field, and our sales organizations are working together to address customers’ needs. We’re seeing tremendous uptick from the market related to this partnership.

As Amir aptly put it: “I think everyone wins with this one.”

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