Executive Talk: Our Strategic Alliance with Microsoft

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Executive Talk: Our Strategic Alliance with Microsoft

In July, Microsoft and Pyramid Analytics announced a strategic alliance in key business intelligence (BI) areas, as described in blogs from Microsoft and Pyramid Analytics. These areas include development collaboration on Power BI Desktop, technology integration, and go-to-market coordination.

In October, I hosted Amir Netz (Technical Fellow at Microsoft) and Avi Perez (CTO of Pyramid Analytics) in a 30-minute webinar to talk more about the alliance, and how it helps customers get the most from BI investments in the Microsoft data stack. For instance, joint customers can:

  • Take advantage of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) multi-dimensional and tabular models.
  • Get additional deployment options for keeping BI workloads on premises or in private clouds; publish to Pyramid Analytics’ on-premises server from within Power BI Desktop.
    • (Also available is a 2-minute video, in which Amir and Omri Kohl—co-founder and CEO of Pyramid Analytics—share some key thoughts on the benefits that this partnership gives customers.)

      No need to do it alone!

      Amir expounds on the long history of collaboration that Microsoft and Pyramid Analytics already had:

      “We partnered with Pyramid for many years. Pyramid has been a great partner for SSAS, building the BI Office suite—which is a really great companion product to SSAS—and showing great expertise in Microsoft BI technologies. So when we decided we needed to accelerate our efforts around BI at Microsoft, we thought why do we have to do it alone? Why not join forces …?”

      “Pyramid Analytics offers a turnkey enterprise analytics solution that makes it easy to self-serve and share trusted BI content. Their technology complements SSAS and leverages all features of the Microsoft BI stack.”

      Design once, view everywhere, with Power BI and BI Office

      Amir explains what the concept of “Design once, view everywhere” means for end users and businesses, in terms of being able to publish content to the cloud or on-premises:

      “You know that when you author it once, it will be everywhere. The same set of reports and visualizations will be available on your phone, on your tablet, in your browser, in the client applications for Windows. It will be available in the cloud, and Pyramid Analytics is building the ability to publish to the on-premises server…you can take these reports and embed them on a website and in applications, so it really is a platform that will truly be everywhere.”

      The symbiotic frameworks of BI Office and Power BI

      Avi describes the mutually beneficial capabilities of the two products:

      “BI Office offers you an interesting symbiotic balance between self-service vs. scale and governance; BI content should be managed and accessible, but delivered at an enterprise level with security; this is all pivoting on top of Microsoft’s amazing SQL Server Framework.”

      “We’re complementing the really great stuff coming out of the Power BI Suite. The last step in the process is to allow users and companies to republish Power BI content back up to the Power BI service to close the loop.”

      Here are some ways Pyramid Analytics’ capabilities augment the already robust capabilities of Power BI:

      • Data discovery with advanced analytics, which extends what you can already do in Power BI
      • Dashboards with interactive, intuitive visualizations, with opportunities for cross-pollination of Power BI content inside Pyramid Analytics dashboard models
      • Publishing to design and disseminate reports
      • Mobility with native applications for “on-the-go” BI
      • Data modeling for versatile data-source connectivity

      We’re covering all bases

      Avi sees an opportunity to create a difference in the market compared to individual productivity tools:

      “When you want to roll out BI en masse, the centralization we can achieve on the one hand, while still offering self-service … is what makes BI Office work. This—combined with capabilities of delivering a desktop environment to Power BI Desktop—and suddenly you cover all bases.”

      It will be exciting to see the ongoing results of the collaboration and of bringing the functionality pieces ever closer together. As Avi states:

      “We look forward to gluing them together very soon and seeing the outcome of that relationship; not just the business relationship, but also the product relationship, and delivering BI en masse to millions of users.”

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