When Selecting a Business Intelligence Platform, Think About More than Just the Product

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When Selecting a Business Intelligence Platform, Think About More than Just the Product

Software, in general, has become central to core business processes for nearly all companies, no matter the size or industry. However, business intelligence (BI) and analytics, in particular, have become essential to the success of companies and organizations in today’s ultra-competitive global economy. As such, when assessing and selecting BI products, it’s not enough just to be sure of the functionality and quality of the product; you also need to understand and feel confident in the vendor of that product.

When implementing a BI platform, you’ll be forming an important and lasting partnership with the vendor. So in addition to more obvious criteria such as overall value and technical/product capabilities, be sure of the following vendor-related capabilities:

  • You will be comfortable and confident working with the vendor.
  • The vendor will provide the right level of service and support.
  • The vendor will be transparent about pricing and licensing.
  • The vendor will have a high level of integrity.

To determine whether the vendor can meet these criteria, a critical component of selecting a BI vendor is to speak to industry analysts and read their reports. Also, speak to existing vendor customers. But, again, don’t just ask them about the product, the platform, and the technology. Ask about these other less tangible, but very important, criteria of success.

Via industry analyst reports, customers have rated Pyramid Analytics highly in the above mentioned capabilities. For instance, recently the company received the Industry Excellence Award for Overall Leadership from Dresner Advisory Services. This award, which resulted from input gathered in Dresner’s 2015 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study, was based on the following criteria: technology, vendor credibility, customer experience, sales, service, value, integrity and confidence.

When you limit your view to just the product, you limit your success. With a vendor you know you can trust, combined with a solid product you know will perform, you can navigate the unknowns with much greater confidence.

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