The Road to Governance Starts with Data Integrity

Author: | Category: Industry Trends | Tags: governance, data integrity, ease of use, BI project success, BI adoption, security, video, vlog | Published: 8/5/2015

This is the first in a series of video blogs (“vlogs”) about capabilities that—together—set Pyramid Analytics apart from other enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) solutions. Capabilities include:

  • Providing governance, along with ease of use.
  • Unlocking wisdom and return on investment (ROI) in data.
  • Ensuring data integrity for BI project success.
  • Equipping and enabling users for broad BI adoption.

In this first video, I talk about the importance of data integrity in having a governed BI solution. Plain and simple: without data you can trust, you don’t have governance.

Governance and data integrity are crucial to long-term BI program success, yet it isn’t so easy to provide a solution that’s both governed and easy to use. Part of the reason for the lack of governance in many of today’s BI solutions is that users were often encouraged—in an attempt at ease and self-service—to bypass the IT organization and to take data completely into their own hands, onto their own desktops. With this approach and proliferation of desktop tools, however, data integrity and security go out the window.

What sets Pyramid Analytics on a different path from other BI solutions is that:

  • We provide the benefits of having governed, correct, secure data in a large, robust, enterprise-level architecture on the back end.
  • And we have an easy-to-use application that empowers users, giving them agility and flexibility on the front end.

When you know that the data is correct and that it’s secure, you can roll out your BI solution in the enterprise, with complete confidence, and watch your level of adoption soar!

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