Equipping and Enabling Users

Author: | Category: Industry Trends | Tags: BI user adoption, BI implementation, implementing a BI solution, equipping users, enabling users, video, vlog | Published: 8/28/2015

Equipping by providing training and guidance + enabling by instilling confidence = broad adoption.

This is the fourth and last in a series of video blogs (“vlogs”) about capabilities that—together—set Pyramid Analytics apart from other enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) solutions. (Check out the previous video in the series: Data Integrity: Key to BI Project Success.) Capabilities include:

  • Providing governance, along with ease of use.
  • Unlocking wisdom and return on investment (ROI) in data.
  • Ensuring data integrity for BI project success.
  • Equipping and enabling users for broad BI adoption.

In this fourth video, I talk about how Pyramid Analytics helps its customers successfully roll out BI and gain wide user adoption.

Implementing a BI solution that’s adopted broadly can seem scary. With any monumental challenge or task, however, breaking it down into smaller, manageable parts can have a huge bearing on success.

For those implementing or using a BI solution—or who have already tried but failed—Pyramid Analytics helps them tackle hurdles and achieve success and broad BI adoption through a staged approach:

  • Equipping: We start by supplying the technical know-how, by showing the ins and outs of BI Office, and by providing training on how to optimize our software to hone in on and meet an organization’s goals.
  • Enabling: We then use the strengths of the software as the foundation for empowering users, and for helping their projects rapidly take off. Since BI Office is so quick and easy to deploy and use—and since a broad range of users across an organization can get up to speed quickly—this instills confidence and enables wide adoption. A deflated “This is just too difficult” becomes an emboldened statement of “Yes, we can do this!”

So the challenge of implementing a BI solution that gains wide adoption in the organization becomes an exciting opportunity for everyone, and is the start of a long-term relationship with our customers. They can trust the software, but they can also trust us as mentors—as equippers and enablers—to really get to the heart of whatever business problem they’re trying to solve.

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