Data Integrity: Key to BI Project Success

Author: | Category: Industry Trends | Tags: BI project success, data integrity, governance | Published: 8/11/2015

Better tooling, more investment into getting data right
from the start = increased project success

Better tooling, more investment into getting data right from the start = increased project success.

This is the third in a series of video blogs (“vlogs”) about capabilities that—together—set Pyramid Analytics apart from other enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) solutions. (Check out the second video in the series: Getting Wisdom and ROI out of Data.) Capabilities include:

  • Providing governance, along with ease of use.
  • Unlocking wisdom and return on investment (ROI) in data.
  • Ensuring data integrity for BI project success.
  • Equipping and enabling users for broad BI adoption.

In this third video, I talk about how having correct and consistent data is vital to BI project success. A huge reason these projects fail is because of insufficient commitment to data integrity from the get-go.

Imagine a decision maker or executive who needs to make a key decision of far-reaching impact, but who receives different answers to the same question because of incorrect, fragmented, siloed data.

It’s not enough just to discover and investigate data. Even extracting meaning, gaining insights, and taking action on the data—which are typically seen as the ultimate goals—aren’t of much use if the underlying data models aren’t valid. That is akin to trying to take a quality picture through the glass of a dirty window.

The foundation—the data itself—needs to be solid, consistent, and correct to detect patterns, to yield truly valuable insights, to enable decisions based on an accurate and consistent message, and to instill trust. You can’t have confidence in data when everyone has different results and interpretations.

Luckily, BI platforms have made considerable gains when it comes to data integrity. There’s tremendous need for BI and data discovery, and what we’re seeing now is an exciting convergence of:

  • Customers who need answers
  • Better BI tool capabilities
  • The competence, discipline, and commitment of BI leaders, who are making solid investments in data integrity and governance

Thanks to this convergence, lessons learned, and technology like BI Office—that provides governance, security, and scalability, along with ease of use—project success rates can be higher than ever!

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