Customer Voice through the Prism of BI Analysts Reports: Earning Customer Trust and Credibility

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Customer Voice through the Prism of BI Analysts Reports: Earning Customer Trust and Credibility

In my previous post—“We BI,” Not “Me BI”: Pyramid Analytics’ Strategy for Earning Customer Trust and Credibility—I talked about the exciting July announcement of Pyramid Analytics’ strategic collaboration agreement with Microsoft in various BI initiatives. One example involves our collaborative development and technology integration with Power BI Desktop from Microsoft. This alignment and vision are testimony to Pyramid Analytics’ ongoing commitment to fostering strong trust and credibility with customers.

Similar to the previous post, this current post again looks at how we’re earning trust and credibility within a complex space, but goes a step further with examples of customer voice via market analysts like Gartner, BARC, and Dresner. For instance, here are a few highlights from market studies and reports:

  • In the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, Pyramid Analytics made very rapid advancements in terms of our vision and execution. Customers viewed us as filling a large gap in the market by offering governed data discovery for larger enterprise BI deployments, with all the necessary enterprise features in relation to governance, administration, and scalability. Additionally, these customers gave us high scores for platform functionality, integration, ease-of-use, and business benefits achieved.
  • In headline results for Pyramid Analytics in the BARC BI Survey 14, BI industry peers recognized us as top-ranked and leader in 16 major categories. For instance, we were first in performance, customer satisfaction, ease of use, vendor support, project success, self-service, collaboration, and chosen as corporate standard, among other categories.
  • In the 2015 Wisdom of Crowds® Collaborative Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study and 2015 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services, Pyramid Analytics earned a ranking of #1 in collaborative BI and #1 credibility leader, respectively, from BI customers. Additionally, these customers rated us best-in-class for responsiveness, integrity, post-sales support, scalability, and integration with third-party technologies.

The strategic alliance in a competitive BI landscape with mega vendors like Microsoft—combined with customer voice as heard through respected market analysts—gives yet another boost of confidence about what Pyramid Analytics is building and bringing to the marketplace. By looking at what our joint customers need, we are:

  • Expanding the value and accessibility of BI and analytics to more and more users.
  • Quickly gaining even more trust, and building solid relations with customers.
  • Bringing about an ever increasing return on investment (ROI).

In my third and final post that explores how our strategic alliance with Microsoft intersects with earning BI customer trust and credibility, I’ll dig into the trifecta of people, processes, and technology that make up the strong, durable foundation behind this alliance.


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