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Pervasive Business Intelligence

There’s been much talk over the past few years about Big Data. Using innovative techniques to analyse vast quantities of data for those tiny pieces of insight that may (or may not) make a dramatic difference to the endeavour concerned.

But, let’s face it, for the vast majority of businesses out there, struggling to survive in the present economic conditions, far more prosaic issues need to be addressed. Gartner have estimated in the past that in most information oriented businesses (Finance and Banking or Telecommunications for example) where there is a high level of information workers, only ten to twenty-five per cent of them have access to Business Intelligence tools and easy access to key business information.

If it were possible to dramatically increase this percentage there could be a step change in the efficiency and effectiveness of a business.

For most organisations, it isn’t just about Big Data, it’s about the Big Society, the majority of people in the enterprise without access to the information they need to run their part of the business well.

There are a number of limiting factors to the take of BI outside of the senior managers and key analytic power users. Complexity, capability and difficulty of management are three technical reasons, but probably cost is the overriding factor. It is simply uneconomic to provide BI tools and applications to everyone. But when the actual needs and requirements are investigated in more detail, it emerges that this is primarily driven by a “one size fits all” mentality. In fact, matching the information content and delivery needs and requirements of users can have a significant beneficial impact on the cost of delivering BI for all

The other substantial barrier to pervasive BI is overcoming the inertia and resistance of the larger user population to learning new and complicated systems in order to get the information they need. But if we can match needs, requirements and content to the users, this hurdle can be overcome and provide significant improvement in how business users engage with their information provision.

BI Office from Pyramid Analytics goes a long way towards satisfying these requirements and overcoming the obstacles that lie in the path of major scale BI rollouts to the business. Server based architecture, a collaborative approach and simple, easy to use integrated tools that deliver rich functionality coupled to a flexible licensing model means that at last the Big Society can be addressed. Take a look at this talk I delivered at a recent SQLBits event in the UK for an overview of the BI Office product.

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