Customer Engagement: Key to Grow Your Business in Highly Competitive Spaces

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Customer Engagement: Key to Grow Your Business in Highly Competitive Spaces

We recently had Marc Stiles from Puget Sound Business Journal at our Pyramid Analytics US Headquarters. Rob Wallace also joined the conversation that later became the foundation for Marc’s recent article in the journal’s “Sound Strategies” column. The article highlights Pyramid Analytics growth momentum and what we consider ingredients to business success.

Marc, Rob and I visited about:

  • Pyramid Analytics momentum
  • Customer success
  • Our own internal use of BI
  • The ingredients for business growth and success

Pyramid Analytics Momentum

Pyramid Analytics has tripled its customer base every year for the last three years – 350,000 users count on BI Office to analyze, monitor and report data. The remarkable pace peeked Marc’s initial interest and motivated the visit. In his article Marc pointed out “The 2015 Gartner report states the BI industry is undergoing a fundamental shift with a broader range of customers wanting to provide their teams more and better access to data, and on intuitive platforms that don’t require users to have IT or data science skills. That’s good news for Pyramid because this is the market it’s aiming for.”

Customer success

We then shifted to talk about our customers. Rob shared specific customer examples like the Veteran Affairs, Memorial Health, Blue Cross, and many more. Rob went on to state “more and more businesses are starting to understand that if they can make BI pervasive in their organizations, their return on investment gets “really, really interesting” because people close to the customer or patient “are going to make better decisions for (both) the organization and customer.”

Our own internal use of BI

We then highlighted that Pyramid also succeeds in implementing BI into our own internal processes. In fact, right before our interview with the PSBJ journalist our global marketing team had a business review. Our analysis, discussions and decisions relied heavily on our BI technology. We use it to generate important visual charts and dashboards, which allow our team to be able to clearly see the results of their work and where the organization needs to improve. As a result the team was able to form a strategy for moving forward. Marc captured my statement that "Now everybody is going to go home and think about how they are going to move those (gauge chart) needles.”

Ingredients for success in fast growing companies

Another stimulating topic in our conversation was about describing the ingredients needed to build a successful and fast growing company. The article even listed the main ones in our point of view:

  • Go after unfulfilled needs: Even competitive spaces like business intelligence have room for innovation.
  • Build Strong Ties with Customers: By engaging with your customers and learning what they need, responding quickly, and by providing excellent support.
  • Invest in Quality People and Operations: Focus early on, in finding sophisticated leadership and establishing strong operations to sustain growth momentum.
  • Get comfortable, and agile, about remotely managing people where they are. Specifically, hire in locations with talent pools, and place them near customers.
  • Set high goals and be ambitious about growth and goals.

Finally, we discussed the impending BI derby race which could follow the path of Zillow vs. Redfin in real estate or Microsoft vs. Amazon in cloud computing. We are also excited about our own path and we hope that our success also continue to stimulate the vibrant technology scene in Puget Sound. In fact, it seems as if Seattle is becoming a hub for the BI category, with Microsoft, Tableau and Pyramid Analytics all based in the area.

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