Mine Your Data with R

As one of the fastest-growing statistical and data mining languages, “R” offers the most advanced and sophisticated way to identify patterns in your data and build new business and predictive models because of them. BI Office now offers the capability to seamlessly integrate R scripts with your business analytics to perform a wide variety of analysis and data mining techniques, including predictive analysis, statistical testing, forecasting, linear and nonlinear modeling, classification, and clustering. BI Office includes variety of scripts out of the box or you can add your own custom scripts to suite your particular needs.

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The Non-Techs Use R Too!

While R has become a language of choice for data scientists, the typical business user may not understand it or know how to script it. Yet, BI Office capabilities allow the R implementation to be shared, so that the business user can easily access the interactive visualizations that was employed by the data wizards. The business user will be able to take advantage and identify insights and trends without needing to know the R language itself.

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