Use Your Data to Tell a Compelling Story

With Publisher, grids, charts, maps and other items can be dropped onto the page and descriptive text can dynamically flow around objects to get the exact format you want.

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Lower Cost of BI Content Design & Distribution

Publisher empowers all users to easily create and distribute sophisticated reports fast. Welcome to reduced efforts in deploying enterprise reports and the elimination of long extensive design and programming processes. With the seamless integration of the different pieces of the suite, your organization can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Reports That Write Themselves

Reports no longer have to be made each time you want to share information. With dynamic text and conditional content report creation and re-usability are easy. Publisher allows for dynamic content to be used inside of the report so when the report is run in the future it automatically changes based on the data at run-time. Conditional content takes this one step further allowing you to decide what content is shown or hidden based on these same updates the next time the report is run.

Share Reports Securely

Reports built in Publisher are seamlessly connected across your enterprise organization including the embedded charts, graphs and the data behind them. Build a report once and add it to the report Portal and any changes to the source data apply to the report at run-time. This saves time for all users who need access to it by them not needing to run the queries again, re-entering the business formulas or changing the security rules each time it is shared.

Reports Securely

Event Based Triggered Reports

Backed up by a sophisticated report generation and scheduling engine, Publisher supports automatic report delivery that can be scheduled or triggered. Identify the specific data events, such as query results exceeding a threshold, a change of date, or a switch embedded in a web service and the information is ‘pushed’ out to specified individuals or groups automatically.

Sophisticated Reports in Just a Few Clicks

With the familiar "Microsoft Word" interface it is easy to understand how to drag and drop bioXL data and create high resolution, pixel perfect printed documents in PDF, Word and XPS formats including grids, charts, and maps. Publisher's full word processing features and precise control of pagination, margins, headers & footers, font, line spacing and paragraph control are all built-in and at your fingertips. You can also add your own brand's corporate graphics and styling.

Sophisticated Reports

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