Why Do I Need a GDD Platform?

Governed Data Discovery is the delivery of a BI solution that provides end-user driven data discovery and analytics on the one hand with enterprise scalability and centralized management features on the other. Defining and implementing an infrastructure that will support your enterprise goals for business analytics that includes impeccable data security, content accessibility and analytic collaboration can be challenging – especially if the platform itself is not inherently designed to do so. The DNA of the BI Office platform was designed from the ground up to deliver on this ideal, and covers numerous key aspects:

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The DNA for a True Governed Data Discovery (GDD) Platform

Central Control

BI Office offers a built-in, self-service, and comprehensive administrative toolset for a centralized business analytics platform. The admin console provides the capability to manage every user’s experience, security, content, and data access from a singular, intuitive web based interface.

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The Content Lifecycle

BI Office provides you with self-service content creation in a centralized, shared paradigm – that also tracks the content life-cycle. This ensures content integrity and makes it easy to find and implement any changes or upgrades. Content can be shared by groups or kept private. In addition, any calculations and user logic are available for reuse, enabling better collaboration and fewer calculation errors. BI Office offers many other Content Governance capabilities, like Full Versioning, Content Lineage, and Auto Meta Tagging.

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Secure & Protected

A strong security model is vital for any organization’s business analytics. With BI Office, you can rest assured that your data is not only secure from the external populace, but that important data is kept confidential internally. BI Office provides Integrated Security, Role Based Security, Content Security, Data Security, Multi-Tenancy, Social Networking Security, User Profiles, User Licensing, Auto Provisioning, and Authentication.

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Data Governance

BI Office empowers you to have one version of truth for your data. Instead of having your data models or mashups isolated on a desktop machine, BI Office is architected for centralized and shared data modeling. Easy to scale up and out, the data remains centralized –shared, secured, and refreshable.

Built-in data lineage and use lineage functionality and visualizations track the life-cycle of the data, data models and derived content and calculations.


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