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BI Office provides a flexible, easy wizard-like interface that enables you to safely blend your own data with other data sources using the centralized power of servers rather than your desktop. Quickly and easily access, integrate, publish, and analyze your data models fused from multiple sources and databases, from SQL databases and EXCEL spreadsheets to Big Data Hadoop nodes.

In BI Office, you can natively connect to a multitude of data sources including those found on the web, like Azure SQL and Amazon Redshift. While others, like SalesForce, come with special packages that will allow you to connect, model and deploy reports against your SalesForce instance in next to no time.
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Mobile enabled BI Application

On-the-Fly Data Modeling

Your data models are instantly sharable and secured, because they are hosted on servers, yet you build them, own them and control them. Build on-the-fly hierarchies and measures directly inside the data discovery or open an existing data model and attach new data sources when you want to expand the data set. Set a schedule on your model so it can automatically refresh and instantly populate your analyses, dashboards and publications. The performance of server driven data modeling has never been so accessible.

True Mobile Business Intelligence

Automated Data Wizardry

Power users and non-technical users can easily transform large volumes of complex and disparate data into a single analytic-ready data model. Based on heuristic analysis of the underlying data structure and a sample of the data itself, the BI Office Data Modeler automatically suggests relationships between the different data sources. The level of inference can be set starting from no inference (strong definitions) to light matching algorithms (weak definitions). The heuristic engine will also make suggestions for hiding fields, appropriate measure logic and imputed time intelligence. And of course, you can alter and tweak these elements as needed.


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