Data Mash-Ups for Non-Tech Users

The BI Office Mash Pit enables business users to use their own data for easy analysis. The Step by Step Wizard allows anyone to combine their own data with that coming from a variety of different sources: Excel, SQL Server, Oracle and Big Data, to name a few . Without code, complexity or constraint.

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Data Mash-ups in the Cloud

Merging data from one or more sources is not usually simple or obvious—usually, there are complex desktop tools and cluttered user interfaces. The Mash-Pit wizard facilitates a smooth and seamless process to connect and integrate data into a model for powerful analytics. Importantly, its all driven in the cloud - on servers - rather than on your desktop. So designing and running a data model built on a huge database is possible through your web browser without ever having to download the entire dataset first! Add security permissions for other users and then, with a push of a button, deploy it into your web-hosted BI Office platform so that you, and others, can use it immediately.

Cloud Mashup

Wizardry: Tools that Think for You

The Mash-Pit will help you more easily and quickly build data models. The wizard automatically offers decisions for data selections, metrics, relationships and hierarchies and you can tweak or change the settings as needed. The smarts include heuristic logic to help you determine what to do with your data, its structure and type; the built-in time intelligence provides all the date-driven logic you need (based on the raw data inputs); and allows you to “drill-through” and view the underlying, transactional data after your data model is built and imported.

heuristic logic

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