Easy Interactive Story Boards

Story Boards empowers every user to build beautiful, simple, drag-and-drop, slice and dice, dashboards that tell a story to make your point.

Storytelling with Story Boards

Story Boards empowers every user to build beautiful, simple, drag-and-drop, slice and dice, dashboards that tell a story to make your point. It not only is easy to create but also to distribute and enlighten your audience with fully interactive, gorgeous dashboards on the web, on your favorite mobile device or even live within PowerPoint. Conditional displays and slicers can be used to dynamically change views for enhancing dashboard experiences.

The Value of Context in Story Boards

Anyone that builds dashboards knows context is key. Adding context in Story Boards is as easy as drawing interaction arrows between elements to instantly view relationships. This patent pending Story Boards technique completely simplifies the complex process of parameterized dashboard development. Story Boards enables all users regardless of skill level to become expert dashboard designers, overnight.

Zero-Footprint Web-based Access

Enjoy access to Story Boards from anywhere with Pyramid Analytics' zero-footprint, rich web interface. Dashboard designers love the speed and ease of combining Story Boards reports and views into one of Story Boards's one-click themes allowing users to craft, share and view attractive, custom branded, dashboard designs across the enterprise.

zero footprint

Endless Array of Rich Visualizations

Nothing is better at getting a key point across than using an effective visualization. A picture tells a story, Story Boards makes that story come alive. Authors can get creative with layering and combining multiple views from other web based applications for truly unlimited data visualization. Complete the story with personalization of your dashboards with formatting and branding specific for corporate standards.

Search-based Data Discovery

What good is having all this data if you can’t find, use or visualize it? Pyramid Analytics' BI Office makes finding information in a sea of data a breeze with the power of smart metadata management and tagging. We then allow our dashboards, workbooks, reports, models, charts, tables and graphs to take advantage of this search ability to find the data needed for your dashboard. Finally, our visualizations complete the story of your dashboard. It simply does not get better than this for lighting up self-service business intelligence across the entire enterprise.

Collaborate and Share

Sharing dashboards into business processes has never been easier. Story Boards is fully integrated with the BI Office Suite, allowing for easy collaboration and decision making across your enterprise. Story Boards also provides a variety of integration options within SharePoint, web applications, web sites and portals. By simply addressing a URL location, Story Boards content can be rapidly viewed in other web applications. APIs are also available for more sophisticated combined solution scenarios.

Collaborate and Share your Story Boards

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