Collaborative BI Equals Higher Success

People have embraced social networking applications and thread-based discussions to communicate and share ideas and insights in many walks of life. In much of the same way, BI Office includes social connectivity for people to share and collaborate on their data projects and business analytics.

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How to Make BI Collaborative

Adding commentary and annotations to data often completes the business analytics cycle above and beyond the plain analytics process itself. Whether reviewing the current results in a dashboard or simply analyzing data in the latest refresh of the organization’s data models, users can initiate, conduct and discuss their thoughts and insights with peers and colleagues in a convenient, in-built social-collaboration toolset. Conversations can be centered on books, reports, components, or cell-level data and allows users to provide both typed and audio related commentary in a given thread.

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Social Integration with Governance

BI Office provides a self-contained social networking toolset or it can be deployed to fully integrate with third party social platforms like Jive, Yammer and Chatter. The tools are designed to blend the best of collaborative tools and processes with the nuances of business analytics.

At the same time, the discussions can be designed to run using group and role security to ensure that the collaborative processes do not run contrary to the confidential nature of the content and data itself – adding the all-important “governance” layer to social collaboration.


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