Who We Are

Disruptors and innovators at heart, Pyramid Analytics has developed the BI Office Suite – a groundbreaking Business Intelligence and Analytics platform – to revolutionize the way all users access, visualize, and present their data.

Our mission at Pyramid Analytics is to deliver a Governed Data Discovery and Enterprise Business Analytics platform that gives the power of analytics into the hands of every user, from expert analyst to business executive to IT professional. With little coding and complexity, the Pyramid Analytics team has pioneered technology (and patented it) for a truly innovative and user friendly platform.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Pyramid Analytics has operational centers across the USA, UK, and EMEA.

The BI Office Story

Combining the simplicity and familiarity of Self-Service BI and Enterprise Business Analytics, the BI Office Suite is an easy-to-manage, web-deployed solution. Users from small or medium-sized businesses to global enterprises are empowered to be able to analyze, predict, present, and report on their data.

The BI Office Suite is architected with centralized security and content in addition to being able scale up and out effortlessly, load balanced over as many servers as required. Organizations can improve their business performance by utilizing BI Office, which offers the flexibility and innovation of user-driven data discovery with the horsepower, efficiency, and manageability required for an enterprise.

Investing in Pyramid

Pyramid Analytics is backed by the well-reputed venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, and the Israeli-based technology growth firm Viola Private Equity.

Sequoia Capital
Viola Private Equity

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