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Highest Ranking in the 2022 Gartner CC Report [Free Download.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-critical-capabilities/)

Digital Fireside Chat: The Role of Trust in Analytics

An informal conversation with Dresner Advisory Services’ CRO Howard Dresner and Pyramid Analytics’ CEO Omri Kohl

Trust is earned, not given. But what the heck does that mean for business leaders and BI practitioners trying to use enterprise analytics to understand an unpredictable world? How can we make trust more than just an abstract concept?

Join us for our Digital Fireside Chat: The Role of Trust in Analytics with Dresner Advisory Services’ Chief Research Officer Howard Dresner, and Pyramid Analytics’ CEO Omri Kohl.

In this 50-minute session, Howard and Omri will reveal:

  • How the right application of trust is the secret ingredient for enterprise analytics success.
  • The unique ways analytics cultures thrive when trust is defined and prioritized.
  • The ways the application (or misapplication) of augmented analytics can improve trust.
  • The role of trust in applied analytics environments, and ways that data and decisions can converge.
  • How confidence in infrastructure investments can impact change readiness.

Presented by:
Omri Kohl
Co-founder and CEO
Pyramid Analytics

Howard Dresner
Chief Research Officer
Dresner Advisory Services