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Highest Ranking in the 2022 Gartner CC Report [Free Download.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-critical-capabilities/)

Analytics wherever you are

Balancing governance and self-service when employees access analytics remotely

COVID-19 has brought significant changes to the way we work. While the crisis is proving the immeasurable value of data and analytics in the decision-making process, the work-from-home model has put incredible pressure on organizations’ collective BI and analytics competencies. For many, it has exposed flaws in their data and analytics stacks, stressing their ability to collaborate, perform both traditional and advanced analytics, adapt their analytics infrastructure to rapid changes, and predict what will happen next.

While resilience requires the continuous use of data analytics, many organizations find their analytics and BI infrastructure is unsuited for the job. In this time of upheaval, businesses require a stable analytics foundation that can balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the organization. Your employees not only require ready access to analytics and data, they also need analytics environments that emphasize collaboration, performance, governance, and data accuracy.

Watch our Analytics Wherever You Are webinar with Dresner Advisory Services Chief Analyst Howard Dresner, and Pyramid Analytics Principal Technologist Ian Macdonald. In this 50-minute session, Howard explores preliminary Wisdom of Crowds® survey results regarding organizations’ response to COVID-19. Ian examines how to optimize your analytics and BI environment to handle adversity, no matter what type of work environment is in place.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Preliminary Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® survey results regarding organizations’ responses to COVID-19
  • How organizations can encourage analytics collaboration, regardless of location
  • How to provide employees with access to high-performing, secure analytics tools regardless of where your employees are accessing data
  • How to deliver analytics flexibility and value from both an organizational and individual perspective

Presented by:

Howard Dresner
Chief Research Officer
Dresner Advisory Services

Ian Macdonald
Principal Technologist
Pyramid Analytics