Microsoft & Pyramid Analytics Strategic Alliance Delivers Accelerated Power BI Desktop

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Microsoft & Pyramid Analytics Strategic Alliance Delivers Accelerated Power BI Desktop

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft made important announcements about Power BI and new functionality in the new release becoming available tomorrow. Today, Amir Netz, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, blogged about partnering with Pyramid Analytics to leap BI technology forward. I am proud to say our talented engineers from Pyramid Analytics helped develop a range of new features and innovation in Power BI Desktop (previously known as Power BI Designer), some of which are being delivered at General Availability on July 24th.

This was the result of a strategic collaboration agreement that included:

  1. Pyramid Analytics help in the Power BI Desktop development
  2. Technology integration to publish Power BI content to Pyramid Analytics Server
  3. Go-to-market coordination so mutual customers and partners get the best of our technologies

Microsoft is a great long term partner of ours. Organizations vested in the Microsoft data stack choose Pyramid Analytics for our best-in-class ability to optimize multi-dimensional and in-memory tabular models in SQL Analysis Services. More than that, hundreds of thousands of users, in large private and public enterprises, rely on BI Office’s ease-of-use and familiar interface that resembles their experience with Microsoft Office.

As part of this Power BI Desktop collaboration, you may notice at GA an option to save a Power BI Desktop file to a Pyramid Analytics server. That plays to Pyramid Analytics’ strengths: customers looking to keep BI workloads on premises – or private clouds – want to expand BI adoption via governed sharing of analytics content, reports, data models, business logic, and more.

One the strongest value propositions we hear from customers, analysts and users in the community is the need for collaboration among everyone in the organization. After enterprises implement data discovery, they then start looking to scale BI, broaden adoption, and share content. They need to scale not only technologically, but also in terms of usage, returns, and individuals looking to grow the organization they are a part of. We orchestrate that user-friendly and large scale BI in the enterprise, customers are looking for. We believe the more the users in an organization have access to analytics and BI, the higher the organizational ROI.

Amir Netz, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, in his blog on behalf of Microsoft’s Power BI team, complemented that

“Pyramid Analytics brings technology that complements Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and leverages all of the features of the Microsoft BI stack. Pyramid Analytics has a proven record of partnering with Microsoft to deliver analytics solutions to meet the needs of our joint customers.”

He also pointed that

“We anticipate that our work together with Pyramid Analytics will help accelerate the development and delivery of innovative features and capabilities that customers value. I’ve been thrilled with the progress and collaboration gained from working with Pyramid Analytics on this exciting journey of accelerating Power BI Desktop,”

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